20 Years Network Management Research Group

The Network Management Research Group of the Internet Research Task Force got 20 years old, it was approved on March 14th, 1999. We had a short retrospective at the 104th meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force in Prague today. It is interesting to reflect on which problems we made progress and which problems are still largely unsolved. We surely have much better network management technologies in place today compared to what we had 20 years back.

Network Management Datastore Architecture Protocols Published

The network management datastore architecture (NMDA) has been published about a year ago and this work has now been completed with the publication of the NMDA extensions for the NETCONF protocol and the NMDA extensions for the RESTCONF protocol. The work on the protocol extensions also required an update of the YANG Library. The definition of a common model describing how configuration data is conceptually processed to finally determine the behaviour of devices took a bit longer than expected but it feels good to have this piece of work finished (and we will soon forget about some of the roadblocks we had to deal with).

Student Project and Thesis Topics (2018/2019)

Below is a collection of ideas for student projects. Some are half-backed, some are not even written down. If you are interested in systems-oriented computer science, talk to me in person. In general I expect that students have a solid understanding of operating systems and computer networks and that they are able to handle programming tasks well. Soundification of Status Information This is a topic for someone interested in computer generated sounds.

CNDS Web Pages 3.0

Good bye Wordpress. We have moved (back) to static web pages, thanks to the wonderful Hugo web site generator. The move to Hugo was a bit of an effort but now we have (almost) all content back in plain files, a big advantage if you ask me. And the best of all, Hugo allows us to use org-mode to edit our content very conveniently in emacs. So what are the benefits from the user's perspective?

Network Management Datastore Architecture Published

The definition of a network management datastore architecture (NMDA) has been published [RFC 8342]. We believe this is one of the more important RFCs we have worked on since it tells us how to think about configurations and their relationship to operational state. A few more RFCs will appear during the coming weeks providing the technology extensions that allow us to use the new framework in practice. Work on this document started with a trip to Stockholm in May 2016 but the discussions have a much longer history.

LMAP Information Model and Data Model Published

The EU funded LEONE project (2012-2015) contributed to the development of standards for large-scale measurements of Intern et performance, produced by the LMAP working group of the IETF. The key specifications, the LMAP information model [RFC8193] and the LMAP YANG data model [RFC8194], have been published as RFCs just a few days ago. It took roughly five years from the start of the formation of the working group until the publication of the core specifications.

Dagstuhl Seminar: Using Networks to Teach About Networks

We helped to organize a Dagstuhl seminar on Using Networks to Teach About Networks, which took place March 12–15, 2017. During the seminar, we discussed the different approaches to teach computer networking and how to best use of online resources to better educate students. For details, see the seminar report.